Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello all my friends!
The busy days never let me to rest down & give a write on my pitty lonely blog.
Anyway, hereby to inform you guys that I've move to a new house! Guess where?
Here is it! Come and join me to get all my updates!
Reason of moving had been stated in the NEW blog!
Waiting for you guys! ;)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The birthday month

This is my month - August!
Woots! I'm going to be 20!
Happy Birthday to myself!

Just back from JB for a phone launch event.
I'm super duper tired now!
Couldn't get my sleep during the journey travelled from KL-JB and JB-KL.
Anyway, I'm still can update my blog right now.
Cauze I've been neglected it TOO long ago.

Many thgs had happened lately, kinda hard to catch up all here.
So will simply go thru some interesting part.
Well, last month went to HK and TW for vacation.
A wonderfull trip I had. Enjoyed it to max!
Thx for my man to spend me this meaningful trip.
Both of us love it much!

Except from vacation, all the time I was just working and stayed at home.
This month quite terrible...JOBLESS!
Am I too picky...or???
I failed to get the answer cause shouldn't force myself to take a *LOW pay and LONG working hours* job right?
Sigh, what can I do... this is the god give me chance to rest!
So, next wed will be off to phuket!
My birthday trip with my man again :)
Can't wait to meet with the lovely beachside, sunlight and seaaaaaa!

Any photos? Of course... else my blog will be look so dull, isn't?
Events, photo shooting, life...etc...

The bridal shoots for Dior Pink boutique, I love this! Kinda got feel ;)

Taiwan night view from Taipei 101.

Finally! My Diploma graduated day with all my lovely classmates! Congratez!

A fun shooting with my sumsum :)

Porsche Cayanne Launch and Addidas fashion show!

Time for waiting always being the tough-est path to go through.
When can I change the position?
Being the lucky one with someone waiting for me?
Wondering...good night.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time to learn.

I hope I can have a pair of magic eyes, can see through everyone's mind.
Always think of is there anyone I can trust? Does this person exist?

Feel wanna discover everyone's thinking.
I should go to study psychology, perhaps, I can get my answer there.

Insecure? Worry? Scare? Anxious? Doubt? Lie? Fool? Trust? Love?

I need to learn to control my emotion, just like a good actor?
Can easily change their emotion during the drama shooting.
People can change by time.
Fast or slow, it will just depends on the person's ability.

Sour like vinegar.
Sweet like lollipop.
Bitter like bitter gourd.
Spicy like chili.

Hopefully, we can understand each other well.
Unless it can be the way to reduce misunderstanding.
I miss you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 1st of June.

Wow, it's been a long time I didn't update my blog. Sorry for neglected it for so long.
May, a super duper busy month for me!
I did alot of show and shooting as well.
Travel here and there, almost all the time stayed in hotel instead of my home.
Beside working, of course, I waent to Redang too!
A kinda nice island, ever 1st time went snorkeling!
A great experience for someone who scared of water and doesn't know how to swim just like me. =D
Although there's sth unhappy happended, but I did enjoyed my holiday.
Well, it wouldn't cause much sadness to me but saved me from a deep hole.
Peoples with childish minded will never get respect from others. So, please grow up, idiot!

Duh, I should share my life instead of nagging about the past unhappy incident.
Let's go through with all my pics!
*I'm too lazy to write out all, pics will tell everything* wink ;)

Took it before back to KL. Redang Pelangi Resort.

Kuantan Holleywood Eyetrend Official Launcing Show with all my darling :)

Korean Designer Fashion Show. Annyonghaseyo! =D

Bridal Shoot @ Cameron Highland

Canon Ixus300 Official Launch with Simon Yam ;)

Canon Celebrities Grand Launch & Jonathan Cheng Fashion Show.

My Tanned skin =D

Alright, not much to say here. Will try to update again when I'm free!
For sure, with good mood too! Lolx.
Wish my career path will goes smooth and suceed in future!

End.  :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

There's never an end or maximum in your life.

[There's never an end or maximum in your life.]

A nice philosophy from Jane. =P

The clock is showing 5:00am right now, and I'm still awake at here.
I don't even feel sleepy. I should use this time to study isn't that good?
Be frank, I don't feel to touch my notes though. *giggles*
I'm so lazy!
Just now "yumcha" with secondary school mates!
I found out that I really miss them so much. Never meet up for almost 3 months + +
It's kinda long period! That's why we talked alot tonight!
We shared, we chilled, we laughed!
That's really a very good moment, I loved it much! Cherish!

A news from my best buddy that he gonna leave here soon!
Either end of August or early of September.
I know I will be sad because of his leaving!
A best friend going to leave you for 3 years or even longer, that's make you feel upset right?
Yes, indeed, I was sad when I got this news from him, yet, I will miss him alot I bet.
Anyhow, I will bless for him always. A very good luck for his future!
Take care buddy! Friendship stay forever and never fade away =)

Another midnight chat again we had.
Hopefully it can make us get closer?
If there ain't any lie in between the conversation.

Good night everyone.
Tomorrow will be another start of good day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

想法 . 未来

人 成长了 思想 也跟着在成熟

以后的路 以后的人生
期间还会继续做我喜欢做的事 - 模特儿事业
多赚些外快 谋生

永远的 buddy =D

大家知道pig + panda = 什么吗?
就是...... *PIGDA*
你真系好可爱啊~ 嘻嘻

Friday, April 16, 2010

An unlucky day

Woots*  Using my break time to update my blog right now!
Study for whole day long, my brain stuck with a lotsa BEC notes/points!
It's kinda suffering! What to do? I need to PASS it else I'm gonna wait for another year to graduate!
Gosh! I can't imagine it... scary  =(
Now is already after 12am, so is consider as Yesterday thingy!
I was disturbed by a Bastard! Damn pissed-off*
He was sending me those irritating msg!
I'm kinda sad of it...totally destroyed my mood!
Unfortunately, received a msg stated that I was not been choosen for the show...wat a sad day!
Hope another job will have a good news for me~
Not too much to say so...just post some of my recent working pictures!

Here is the HTC Launch I did few days ago!

Yet here is the MOS Fashion Show I did!

Hair of the day! Credits to the stylist! BUT, I was spent 30 bucks to wash off this "MEDUSA hairstyle" at ACut Above Sunway! Holly's costly!

Well, here's the last month hairshow and Edhardy Eyewear show I did at Maison!

I hate Streamyx! M'sia line so SUCK!
Kept Dc-ing just now!
Alright, I should get back to my study now!